Sunday, November 16, 2003

Big use of small budget

We're glad we saw Pieces of April. We recognized scenes and landscapes right away. We had to go all the way out somewhere near the evil Aboretum (the former Great Hills movie house?). Some chain called the Cheesecake Factory is at the old Arboretum Theater. The kids working there were very cleancut; the pleasant kids at the new Arboretum (old Great Hills) were also cleancut, of course, but not so spick and span; it was the old blond (mostly blond by choice, and expensively) versus brunet contrast. Anybody can guess which haircolor populated cheesecake city and which the movie house. The popcorn was bad--not fresh and not well popped. We stopped at Gardens but did ourselves little damage, since there were no Grand Primo bulbs there. The guys that own it have always seemed to be excellent business people and they're far from overstocked right now, a sign of one outfit's predictions for the future.


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