Friday, August 03, 2001

Both Sammy and Bob on KVET and the Breakfast Club on KAZI were making jokes about how pathetic the Statesman was today. It made me think about how this excuse for a paper doesn't even do features covering the deaths of the illustrious spending time among us (though there was a piece about distribution of fans for cooling, which did not go far to make up for the asinine feature about enduring the "cruel, cruel summer" for two days without air-conditioning).. When Charles Hartshorne died, I don't recall seeing even a short piece, yet the New York Times obituary was extensive. Doesn't anybody even use Lexis/Nexis to search for "death" and "Austin"? When Charles Moore died, it was the same story; nothing, until a belated couple of weeks afterward. At least KOOP radio had a tribute when Roy Montelongo died, even though he wasn't Statesman-worthy. In the freaky coincidence department is the article just now on the newstand about Korey Stringer; it discusses his weight and talks a lot about his sweat. Ooh, that's scarey, folks.


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