Sunday, August 12, 2001

Did Ready to Rumble ever receive theatrical distribution? If so, I sure don't remember. It really is much better than there's any right to expect. The last 20 or 30 minutes are disposable; all the good stuff is from the beginning to there. We were talking last night about heights and how they still use those bamboo scaffolds in Hong Kong. K. was up there on those summer jobs without a safety belt or even steel-capped shoes. For a long time, Papa still had his leather belt from working for the power company.. He broke his collarbone twice going off bridges into the water. That was when he was doing riveting; he never fell when he was a steeplejack. To add insult to injury, one of those times he'd just been paid and lost his billfold with everythiing in it; those were the days when people were often paid in cash. I used to love to look at his rigger's handbook. I think he used that, and even had to take tests on it periodically, for when he was a crane operator. No matter what kind of work he was doing, he was never outdoors on the cold days of winter without his Johnson greenies. These were so heavy that they took extra-strong leather braces to keep them up. I was surprised to find that the mill sells over the 'Net; it says that they've been making this stuff for 156 years. K's father worked on the plant floor before and after WWII, so he grew up thinking that anyone who wore a suit wasn't really working. I grew up thinking that anybody who worked indoors wasn't really working. Those who want to raise the retirement age are people who know nothing about real work and the toll that it takes.


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