Saturday, August 04, 2001

Hearing Freddy Fender do Wasted Days and Wasted Nights on KVET truly did bring back that summer of '75. On our way to camp at Red Point Beach on Prince Edward Island, we heard that song over and over again on the radio. When it got really cold and windy and rainy in the tent, we'd go in to Souris to eat some fish and drink some beer, leaving Brownie and Mack in the VW. At the campground there was just a three-sided shelter that a couple of cold-water shower stalls. We were often the only people camping there. It was the first place we ever saw people doing tai chi. A disabled war veteran did any picking up that was necessary. He sounded just the way people talk in the movie "Brother's Keeper." At every farmhouse where we saw the "fresh-baked break and rolls" sign out, we were sure to stop. Almost everybody made potato rolls and break, so light and fluffy without being cakelike, because of all the potatoes that people grew and ate. We loved going to the island on the Abegweit, the most beautiful vessel you could ever hope to see, with the most elegant moderne interiors; she went out of service in the early 'eighties, and now there's that horrible bridge.


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