Monday, August 13, 2001

Wallace Shawn is quoted as saying, "Being my own personal assistant is a full-time job." ITA, but around here it's always been known as the Daily Bureaucracy of Living. Here's a case in point. The car sounded peculiar when it started yesterday and had to be abandoned on the east side because it wouldn't start again. Capital Metro persists in running a Sunday abbreviated schedule, a practice that should be shelved on the busiest lines. Even on weekedays, some lines, e.g., Dove Springs, no matter how frequent, must pass people by on the curb at times. It's no different on Sundays. Yesterday, going from downtown to across the river, there were two riders in wheelchairs and one of the locations had a broken safety belt, and of course there was a full load of standees, plus the "stop" notification didn't work. So today involves finding out whether it's a battery, lack of gas in the tank, or something more dire. The jumpers are broken and American Cab won't officially take on that chore any more (liability advice?). I bet Roy's will still do it. Personally, I think that life is simpler and easier those times when the household is without a vehicle altogether. Errands take longer, but then you cut to essential errands only. And the buses are air-conditioned, which is always a plus. The silly heat-beater movie was Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo, not a bad choice. In real life, it would be view-worthy at the discount movies.


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