Wednesday, August 01, 2001

Well, now's the time when it's clear who has been "good" about watering days and who has not. Those who just plain don't water no longer have much of a lawn, if they ever did. Those who ostentatiously put their sprinklers on the "Old Faithful" setting on their official watering day are the same ones who set their sprinklers on "Secret Soak" the other six days, or shall I say nights, of the week. Their grass stands up. Their grass requires mowing, usually by someone with a complete set of high-decibel equipment. Their lawns are now showing signs of yellowing and disease in all sorts of manifestations; over-watering has taken its toll. The righteous have lawns that survive, sort of, but don't stand up very tall, and certainly don't need to be mowed, since they don't receive enough water to grow. Here endeth the reading of the word.


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