Thursday, May 22, 2003

Pico de gallo at the Chinese buffet

On our weekly summer day off for errands, we were "drained," post-plumber, so didn't vote, as we had intended, or do any of the other chores on the list. After going to the library and waiting behind the long lines of KIPP academy kids, we followed the people streaming into Joy East buffet in the old Riverside movie theater. K. went crazy over pork spareribs coated in some red, sweet stuff. The patrons looked like Austin or like the Carmen's crowd in the old days: city and state workers, AC service people, mothers with preschoolers, and speaking several languages. There was a big bowl of freshly prepared pico de gallo at the salad part of the buffet and people were using tremendous quantities of it to accompany virtually everything. It was very good, and IMO it went great with steamed fish and with broiled chicken!


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