Thursday, May 15, 2003


Every five years or so it's time to invest in a new screen pavilion to set up in the yard against the sun and the mosquitos. The usual sources are Kmart, Target, or Academy, but the tents (of plastic) seem to be made by the same outfitter, no matter what the house brand name. On sale, they cost forty dollars or less. Each time they're of poorer quality. This version has no "lock" for the pole segments to hold them together once they're joined. It's also of a smaller dimension. The plastic is of poorer quality. Various loops and fittings are skimped in size to the point of being useless for their intended purpose. The metal pegs are of a useless design (L-shaped and short). Luckily we've got some "U" or hairpin metal pegs in house. The crowning irritation is that the guy "ropes" need to be cut, knotted to the D-rings, and fitted to the little sliders or belayers by the purchaser. In the past this had all been done.


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