Sunday, May 18, 2003

Twice sharp

EcoWise did a good job at sharpening my mower. I had even begun pricing new mowers, figuring that, since my current one has lasted well for a quarter-century, it wouldn't be that big a deal to buy a new one, preferably with a T handle and not one of the pseudo ergonomic ones. Even though there's more torque to the T handle, it lets the mower run along under shrubs in a way that the other sort of handle does not. Mine's an 18-inch-wide mower; Home Depot was showing a 16-inch mower that was cheap. Sears had a virtually soundless mower that was less than some, but I don't like those extra wheels. Sears still honors its Craftsman guarantee. The catch is that not every garden tool is Craftsman these days. When I finished mowing, I began edging and the casting for one side of the grass shears broke in two right under the handlegrip. The last time that this happened, my trade-in wasn't as good as the broken tool; this time, it was better, taking me back to the item that I originally bought (this time, going from the $11 item to the $19 item). There's still such a thing as long-handled grass shears but they don't seem to come on wheels, the way they once did.


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