Monday, December 29, 2003

Is this flattery?

If, as has been said, imitation is the sincerest flattery, then a benign interpretation must be drawn from "relying on your politeness, neighborliness, and good sense when you post," which is copied directly and verbatim from text that I devised when trying to squeeze as much information as possible into the descriptive language for a listserv when the description is severely limited in the number of words to be used. Search results for the imitation/flattery quotation tossed up a great site "Find Articles" in LookSmart. So many great articles come and go (and so many defunct magazines). We read as many as there's time for and make sure that all are passed along (in poor times via Half Price Books, and in better times via a library swap table). I wish I'd held on to my run of Wigwag magazine. The editor, Alexander Kaplen, just surfaced in Metropolis mag as a hobbyist furniture-designer and an employee of Time Warner.


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