Sunday, January 11, 2004

Sunday driving

It was the day of Arnie's third (or fourth) retirement from behind the butcher counter at Kash Karry/Fresh Plus. Arnie's even mentioned in this UT journalism page on Fresh Plus. He's not the only butcher, of course, but he's been coming in part-time to help out. Demand for beef is down even there, where they prepare all their ground-beef products in house and do all the cutting themselves. Before that, we dropped in at the main library. If we'd thought about it, we would have taken in some material for the Austin History Center. It had been a while since we'd been in on a Sunday. The place is wall-to-wall people of all ages and conditions and the shelves look as though they'd been ransacked. It's probably worse now, with some branches closed some days of the week or altogether and others housed in temporary locations. K. found a small large-print bonanza. On the part of the circuit heading home, we dropped in at the eastside City Market, where we found the Villager and some quick odds and ends, including some corn on the cob that turned out to be fresh and very good, not that horrible super-sweet stuff. On our way out of the market, we were handed a one-sheet, "Jesus Christ and the Poet's Chain Flyer," courtesy of the Poet In Motion Company. The Poet's e-mail address is


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