Saturday, April 24, 2004

Before it's really summer

We still have some of those mystery daffodils from the cheapo mixture: small to medium in size, medium height, very white perianth, medium strong lemon cup, quite long. They're holding up very well in the heat. We also have fancy Iceland or shirley poppies, all salmon or coral, plus true poppies. There are still blue anemones. Passion flowers keep appearing. Violas are leggy, but not yet crisped. The second kind of allium has been blooming. Lettuce has bolted. Nasturtiums are blooming in a frenzy, with some of the old-fashioned streaky climbers going to town. Thunbergia still blooms. Torenia is covered with flowers. We've had a couple of sweet peas with a nice old-fashioned scent. A mystery J&P rose, with blooms that are semi-double and dark blue-red, with a white ring around the center, has flourished this year. These have a wonderful spicy, true-rose scent. This rose hasn't bloomed in years. We have a first California poppies in years. The morning glories that were planted with nasturtiums or among growing nasturtiums survived and are beginning to bloom; the others were consumed. There are clouds of butterfies. One must be looked up: its wings are squarish; the bottom wings are purplishly dark; the top wings are bright orange, with some large and splotchy brown or purply spots.


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