Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Keeping up

La Invasora is getting all the ads these days. Nevertheless, whatever benighted formula took over Tejano Club/Klub 92.5 radio has mysteriously vanished. The crummy website is back, though in a slightly different form, and the station's back to doing its five o'clock Tejano traffic jam. Nobody local streams Tejano music these days, though. La Prensa is publishing regularly and actually had a Spanish-language insert containing four pages of national-brand coupons. And the first test issue of the new revista Thalia is on the racks in H-E-B stores in Austin. The official site for Thalia takes forever to load. We've been missing our favorite villain Cesar Evora, because we're not watching any telenovela at the moment. He's Atilio Montenegro in Mariana de la noche. We know this because we were looking for something to watch and got sucked right in when we saw Cesar. Between Rexella and Cesar, the choice was easy. By the way, this is typical of the choices available to those without a cable subscription. If we had cable, we'd probably spend too much time with Adult Swim. Jack doesn't give Rexella much prominence on his home page, so here's a little appreciation. Why he calls himself "Dr." Van Impe is unclear. We've speculated that he can't read, that he's just a savant who has memorized the entire Bible. She reads an article or just briefly comments on a bit of news; he gets all excited and quotes the Bible, including chapter and verse. K. thinks that Rexella herself cuts out the newspaper and magazine articles after having read them; I think it's done by unpaid disciples.


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