Sunday, May 16, 2004

KMFA returns to better practices?

Lately KMFA has been playing more movie scores than vocal music. When the Metropolitan Opera season ended, it was announced that in its time slot would be a program called "Saturday Matinee," which would feature (you guessed it!) pops and film-score music among its offerings. Other years, the station has either subscribed to another opera series or has played recorded operas from its library. This may have been a short-term experiment. At any rate, we chanced to turn on the radio yesterday in time to hear that there'd be an opera and that it would be La Donna del Lago. Immediately plans were changed. What beautiful music, beautifully sung. The libretto didn't even seem that ridiculous. Maybe it's time to read some Scott again. It's a little frightening to think how much of it there is on the shelves -- no Ivanhoe, though! We already know that we love the music from Semiramide; now we know we love this, too. I swear that one of the songs from it used to be on the merry-go-round band-organ.


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