Saturday, May 22, 2004

On tour in Austin

Although the library building is a very pleasant one, there's a lot of space given to very new computers, but not much in the way of books at the Southeast Community Branch Library. There is a beautiful field of firewheels left unmown. We don't have many branch libraries left to visit for the first time. Since we were in the neighborhood and beginning to be hungry, we checked out El Meson. There was a lot of menudo going down, and we witnessed the sale of the last piece of tres leches cake with fresh peaches. My refritos and cochinita were delicious. Another time, I'd like to try the carne guisada, always hoping to replicate the dish as served at Casita Jorge's. This place was very clean, and the tortillas were freshly made on the spot. A jukebox would be great. There was beer in the cooler, and lots of Jarritos bottles were on the tabletops.


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