Friday, May 14, 2004

Spring harvest

We've already accounted for the strawberries. This morning, it was Spring Treat corn and a mystery variety of cherry tomato produced by a started plant from the South Austin farmers' market. This corn is one of those nasty "sugar-enhanced" types. The packets were picked up on impulse from a supermarket sale rack. When you grow it yourself, it doesn't seem so bad. It was picked just this morning and then "cooked" by pouring some near-boiling water over the ears. We still have Drummond phlox, California poppies, Shirley poppies, true poppies, and sprawling and fading violas in pots. We're enjoying every color of delphinium. At last, Heavenly Blue and Pearly Gates morning glories have made their appearance. There's quite a nice clump of rudbeckia. The nasturtiums and thunbergia are holding their own, thanks to the occasional cooler day. It's probably time to move the geraniums over to a shadier part of the yard where the torenia pots are. The hyacinth beans are at last climbing up the nylon netting attacked to the old T-bar clothes pole.


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