Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Straws of yesterday and today

Although the strong colors in some plastic staws are handsome, there's nothing like a paper straw, ideally either stuck to the side of the glass or else dispensed from a patent sanitary device that offers one at a time. I think that the Beer Frame guy (Paul Lukas) once wrote a feature on either the straw-dispenser or its close relative, the Dial-a-Pick toothpick dispenser (made in San Antonio, and available with or without a pilfer chain). And then there are Flav-R Straws. "Just dip and sip." Can't we just return to the days of the plain pinchable (a la piecrust edges) paper straw with its own special type of almost, but not quite, dissolvable paper wrapping, the kind of paper not used for any other purpose? The kind that had a seam on the side that appeared to be held together by crimping and not any sort of adhesive? The paper is most resembles cigarette paper, but not so strong. Are there any other straw-nostalgia musings out there on the 'Net? Whatever Core77 is merits another look if the people behind it are interested in Paul Lukas.


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