Saturday, May 14, 2005

Dialogue straight from the book

The Chron didn't have it right. When we double-checked we found that Bride and Prejudice is still in town, way, way up there, at the current Arboretum movie place. This is a movie that deserves the big screen. There's nothing television-like about it. Should it be alarming that we recognized at least a half-dozen of the actors? It was worth the trek. Maybe it's time to read the book again. Of course, there was no kissing. The Darcy is reported to be a star in New Zealand. He was good-humored amid all the flamboyance. We laughed a lot. K. attended grudgingly, but enjoyed it even more than I. When there's time, we'll check out this smorgasbord of reviews. The place where we grabbed a bite before the movie was called Fire Bowl Cafe. Salmon piping hot served with soba was a good preliminary. The workers there were all very young and all very pleasant.


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