Sunday, May 22, 2005


We quite enjoyed Sahara, which often filled the screen and had its funny moments also. In the sometimes unflattering closeup shots, it was evident how many of the principal actors had not had teeth veneered, filed, or straightened, unusual for this day and age. I was only looking because I've noticed lately how many people have unnaturally blue-white chompers, so odd in hue that they might be expected to glow in the dark. It was fun to see that secondary roles had been so well cast (e.g., Glynn Turman, Delroy Lindo, Bill Macy). The famous mud mosque of Djenne was depicted, though probably only as a model. Two little boys seated alone in front of us had been squabbling before the picture-show started. When one had spent close to five minutes bouncing up and down in a very loudly squeaking seat, K. leaned forward and said, "If you don't stop that, I'll have you removed." What, exactly, had been said I didn't learn until we were leaving, but it did work. Would "vaporized" have been more effective than "removed"?


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