Saturday, May 07, 2005

Just bought one

Whew! The day played itself out too late for it to be worth buying two tickets, so we have just one souvenir booklet and fan for this year's Heritage Society house tour. Three of the houses on the tour are old chesnuts open over and over again, for one occasion or another. One of them has been altered in that ugly way, with the inappropriate porch (easy to tear off sometime) and the destruction of original masonry with a divided stairway approach and the wistaria that's as old as the one on the Capitol grounds. The bungalow on Hargrave would have been interesting, though. Is the Heritage Society embarking on drastically shortened annual tours? Only a check of the archives will confirm whether this one is just a half or a third of the customary number of buildings open. The end of this day marks a milestone, though without our annual stroll. Tomorrow will be totally nonconstructive.


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