Friday, May 27, 2005


No matter how often instructed to return with no more than three, K. just can't resist the blandishments of Vulcan. Ocean's Eleven and Ocean's Twelve are vanity productions, with a completely wasted Bernie Mac, allowed just two funny monologues. Andy Garcia probably had the worst role, but soldiered away. Bad as 11 was, 12 was worse. There was some volume of SCTV, the one with cabbage and the planet Zontar, including footage from the Zontar movie. And this was my first viewing of Breakfast at Tiffany's in any form. We always seem to miss it at the Paramount. Women at the cocktail party were wearing hats and gloves. The cat upstaged the actors in a great many of the scenes. I never saw Buddy Ebsen in anything besides movies from the 1930s (Broadway Melody movies and others), where he was usually a dancer; in this movie he was excellent. The movie reeks of the period in which it was made. The TC I've ever read is In Cold Blood as it was first published, in The New Yorker. K. has read Breakfast at T's. The movie was directed as a series of vignettes. Employee of the Month probably never saw theatrical release. It's crude, sick, and laugh-out-loud funny at times, before it veers completely off track in the last ten minutes or so, with Matt Dillon and Steve Zahn on the dark side again.


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