Thursday, October 13, 2005


I like it that in Spanish a search-engine is a "buscador" (searcher). I've always liked it that wanted posters say "se buscan" ([being] sought). From time to time it's fun to see what search terms bring people to this site. Here are some from the past few days:

"green old water fool"
"circo hermanos vazquez"
"shisha mirrors"
"keemo kimo"
"washer pitching"
"at your earliest convenience" (this one is popular every week; why?)
"pine brothers cough drops"
"extreme pumpkin carving"
"duke of plaza toro"
"jolly rancher founder"
"church subgenius"
"mewling puking"
"bamboo salt"
"boys home sheet music" somebody's offering sheet music for this song on line ("When the Boys Come Home, by Speaks & Hay) probably for the graphics, at a price of $18.70
"euphrates wafer"
"oxblood lily"

It makes a person feel eclectic.


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