Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Lines of the future?

We were reading in the NYT or the WSJ or somewhere that there are "improvements" proposed for the ordeal of airport security procedures. "They" are thinking that perhaps nail-clippers and scissors and Leatherman tools and the like may not be so terrible for passengers to possess after all. "They" are considering making the wait in line less onerous by (horrors!) having television screens available and on for the "entertainment" of the waiting victims, adding to the hubbub and ambient noise that are so unendurable in bad acoustics anyhow. K. suggests that there should be a corps of mimes on the government payroll (or perhaps these days outsourced and under contract) to entertain and distract people silently. Would they wear government uniforms? Be in whiteface? Then we envisioned them backstage or (as at the downtown hotels) loitering outdoors near an inconspicuous door, out of sight of children who might be disillusioned, talking very loudly and smoking like crazy.


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