Sunday, October 23, 2005

Skrip and Quink

I preferred Sheaffer Skrip Washable Blue, not Parker Quink or Carter's. People always used Carter's for dip pens. I think it was Carter's that used the advertising with kittens of different colors that people sometimes framed for children's rooms (I just found some by one Albert Staehle, who also did SatEvePost covers; the Carter kittens on this page are at the bottom quarter of the page; the ones with which I'm familiar, however, are in a much earlier style). Right now I have a bottle of Pelikan blue and one of Lamy. The other day I found a Berol Fontaine disposable fountain pen that wrote immediately without any need to wet the nib. It must be at least a dozen years old. This is not a good-looking pen, with an ugly clear plastic cap, but it's no longer available, apparently, and much lamented. A Pilot Varsity disposable found in the same cache also wrote at once, and these are still available, in seven colors, one of which for some reason is pink.


At 8:46 AM, October 25, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Following your link on the Carter kittens I scrolled down to see Albert Staehle's ad for clay tile. Now I know why my kitchen backsplash is that color of green and my bathroom is pink. (I wouldn't mind the pink bathroom so much had they complemented it with gray as in his illustration, but they diverged from the Staehle vision and used aqua.)


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