Friday, November 11, 2005


Once again, the library at Michigan Law School comes through with links on a new Supreme Court nominee. His mother, still living, was the principal of an elementary school (although some sources just say schoolteacher) and she looks it. His father, deceased, was once a schoolteacher. Early reports were very mysterious about describing his work, some making it sound as though he was a lobbyist, but it appears that he worked at and eventually headed a New Jersey agency similar to the Legislative Council here in Texas, drafting and analyzing proposed legislation. Many reports say that the young Alito chose not to join an eating club. My bet is that in those days he couldn't have had he wanted to. He was on the "town" side, really, not the "gown" side, being there as a local and also as offspring of a schoolteacher household. The result would have been the same had he been from those other favored shabby-genteel classes: the military, the clergy, or faculty at institutions of higher learning, including the historically black colleges and universities.


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