Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Department of why

Everybody sells names. That's why we try to subscribe to whatever it is using variants of names and e-mail addresses because tracing the course is sometimes very interesting. Two of the three junky Spanish-language show-biz magazines out there come into this household via subscription. The third one can sometimes be found around town, although less often than the other two, which are U.S. editions (in Spanish, even so) of magazines headquartered in Mexico. The telenovelas are not broadcast simultaneously in the two nations, so the coverage is required to be different. Sometimes the Mexican editions of these two can be found in stores here in town. The third magazine is published in Miami and was once on paper very close to cheap newsprint, with not even spot color beyond the cover, but it has had an infusion of capital and has finally hired somebody who knows how to keep the aspect ratio of graphics. What I'd like to know is why do charity solicitations that put us on their mailing lists via TVnotas or TV y Novelas give much better free premiums? Is it that most of their targets are more generous? Or do they expect more if they're to give at all? Instead of the customary free return-address labels, there are calendars, tablets, stickie-pads, paper books of devotions, magnetic picture frames for the fridge, and religious medals and religious keychains.


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