Saturday, November 05, 2005

Fridge fixation

Back in October, I wrote about a run on baking soda and also linked to a story about the filthy, stinky refrigerator situation in Beaumont in the wake of the storm. That article, in the Beaumont Enterprise, has disappeared, but there's a new and related fridge story. How long this article will stay up is unknown, but scavengers are picking up curbside appliances and attempting to purge them of their odors for eventual resale. I think that the planned life of a refrigerator is about ten or twelve years. Astonishingly, after about three decades of hard use, our 19-cubic-foot Kenmore still makes ice and keeps things reasonably cool, having had no attention other than one replacement of a gasket. At that time, this was a large-capacity item; now, if one is to believe the ads, it's on the small side.


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