Tuesday, November 15, 2005

A new year begins

Until sometime in 1963 everything that I needed to remember was remembered. In my head. Not written down. Then I acquired my first At-A-Glance. It was Eaton. Although I've used some of the more elaborate versions (larger, and with lines), for many years the tiniest one has sufficed. It's pocket-sized. The pages are still blue, but they're no longer that certain Eaton paper, the one that used to be so popular as personal stationery. The last At-A-Glance that came from a store came from G&L,VB&J or whatever the initials were, first at the store when it was where the Embassy Suites establishment is now, and then in its new quarters, currently being occupied by assorted businesses, including La Paletera. Now I order it through the mail. Businesses stock the larger versions, but apparently they must order the tiny one in quantities of a dozen, or something like that, and don't like to. Among the cover colors used to be black, navy, and maroon covers. Now it's black only, but that's always been my favorite. So far, for 2006 I've written in cab numbers, the date the new postage rates go into effect, the dates for two opera performances, and a note to watch for Circo Hermanos Vazquez, which is supposedly up in Dallas right now and may be working its way in our direction. This note is carried over from the current At-A-Glance. Good old 70-035: now I'm ready for whatever 2006 brings.


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