Friday, November 18, 2005


There are anemones, (probably) narcissi, and alliums to be seen sprouted in new places. The seeds from the pumpkins have germinated and show true leaves. We saw some pumpkin plants, probably from Hallowe'en or harvest decorations out back in the Vespaio gardens when we were strolling down the alleys. There hasn't been a killing frost yet. The decades-old succulents that we were given and have hung on to even though we'd never select them haven't even turned pink in the chill (something about sugars in the pale parts of the leaves when it becomes too cool for them). The cyclamen in the tiny pot that somebody kept eating down to the ground has sent up new leaves, having received no water other than that falling from the skies. It's been moved to a new place in case the creature who loves it to death won't look for it there.


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