Sunday, November 06, 2005

Telenovelas in the NYT

So the Sunday Times has two features on novelas, probably because Univision outdid the major networks in the most highly desired demographic (ages 18 through 34) for some weeks this summer. It's my guess that viewership would be recorded as being even higher but for the fact that most guys make fun of them and don't like to admit that they ever watch them (although they do!). Without cable, we used to be able to receive three Spanish-language channels. Now, it's only two and one of them has very bad reception at times, which we lament, since on Sundays it has been showing wonderful black-and-white movies from the epoca de oro. We were interested to see that the commercial ads were numerous and national for the Latin Grammy show, including one featuring Victoria Ruffo, a star of La Madrastra, in an elaborate Christmas commercial for Sears.


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