Thursday, November 03, 2005

The ultimate portable entertainment device

For those who read, nothing will ever replace the convenience of the book. Ever. It's the standard in go-everywhere versatility. Staring at a screen and waiting for material to scroll or reload does not compare to print on paper in any form. This is another reason why I think that it's a mistake for magazines, for example, to keep their content off-line. I can understand licensing it to a for-pay database, I guess. How wonderful it would be if someone would scan and upload the contents of magazines past, whether way past or just such recent publications as Mondo 2000, FringeWare, Wigwag, Spy, Details before it became the current Details, and so forth. Someone has put up most of the Austin Rag; I'd like to see Hey! Hey! Buffet! and 15 Minutes available, as well as the Austin Sun and Third Coast.


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