Sunday, January 29, 2006

Blues vinyl on the horizon

Blue Horizon album "This One's a Good'un" has come to the turntable. Blue Horizon 7-63222 has 'fifties tracks recorded for Cobra. There are some alternate takes. Joining Otis Rush is Willie Dixon most of the time. The liner notes are dismissive of some tracks, including "Violent Love," a favorite here. This material is out on CD with the same tracks, although in different order. It's not the words, but the music, plus the fabulous sax solo by Harold Ashby, that make "Violent Love" a favorite; I like the words for "If You Were Mine" and "I Can't Quit You Babe." Side two gets played more, and this one has never gone out of rotation here, despite the fact that it's mono (and may never have been issued remastered in stereo). Many of the bands here in Austin have always seemed to be very familiar with this material, either from this album or from Cobra 45s, right down to specific riffs. There's a view of the cover at this site.


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