Friday, January 20, 2006

Blues vinyl

In the course of making a start at organizing the albums occupying shelf space in an unorganized way, I've listened to what I've found on the Scout label (parts 1 and 2) and now I'm trying to get all the Blue Horizon stuff in one place. Roosevelt Sykes (Blue Horizon 7-63201) does a great unadorned bendy-voiced thing and bendy notes on the guitar. This album has a great many standards on it. Two favorites are the gospel tracks. Champion Jack Dupree (Blue Horizon 7-63206) is very much a showman and this record has been played a lot. He does a "Pockaway" Indian song and shows off a drum cadence or two, in addition to the rolling barrelhouse piano and much spoken commentary. "When You Feel the Feeling You Was Feeling" contains the first ten numbers on this track list. I like the Income Tax Blues, too. All is very Louisiana-style. This guy seem to have the best discography and it includes this album. I love the up-tempo tracks especially. And then we come to the Midnight Jump and its pig-head cover art, Blue Horizon 7-63213, Sunnyland Slim (I just played a Sunnyland Slim recording on the Scout label recently). Partipants as sidemen in this Chicago session include Walter "Shakey" Horton, Johnny Shines, Willie Dixon, and Clifton James. My favorite track is the third on side one, a rollicking instrumental.


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