Saturday, January 07, 2006

"Call me up in Dreamland"

"Radio to me, man. Get the message to me, any way you can." Nobody ever plays this great Van Morrison song. Anyhow, it's a real shame that KOOP is in trouble, with a fire in the studio. Whatever its ups and downs, this is truly a local station and very reflective of Austin. No doubt the building's owned in a nominee / partnership name, but I bet that Mr. Whittington still owns it and that he still offices on Brazos. I think he must have given the station a chance when there were physical-access problems to be resolved. I wonder whether writing to him would help expedite building repair or finding a new place for the station's studio. It's been interesting to read of membership lawsuits brought against PBS-affiliated radio stations. I haven't been a member of KUT since it started booting out local programs in favor of syndicated national ones. In the afternoons it's barely worth turning to the station at all since Paul Ray's programs were messed with and I hate it that his Saturday evenings have been shortened. Larry Monroe has been given short shrift, also. Ray and Monroe are the greatest masters of the segue that I've ever heard anywhere. I first listened faithfully to KUT way back when Dan Del Santo was on (of course, we used to hear him at Maggie May's as well).


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