Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Chronicle of a delivery foretold

We've all had the experience of being required to do something at work for which the resources are not available. When it's do or die, the desperate go into hock to acquire what's missing. It's worst of all when what's needed cannot be acquired locally at short notice at any price. Even with shipping expedited to the maximum and even with blessed Internet tracking of the shipment making its way to its destination, the suspense of awaiting receipt just adds to the stress. Imagine what one feels to hear the delivery truck, fling open the door, and witness the delivery-person stub a toe and lay out horizontally in mid-air, clutching a crucial carton with a grip of steel while attempting to come aright again. All was well, but we were both ashen, the signature tablet and the signing stylus each being held by a trembling hand. Whew!


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