Sunday, January 22, 2006

Noted in passing

There's an extended and very effusive feature in today's edition of the local daily entitled "Long Center director has deep Texas roots, wide-open personality: Cliff Redd is an extreme extrovert, which has helped this native Texan raise more than $15 million for the under-construction performing arts center" in the on-line version and "Long on energy: Cliff Redd, the man orchestrating the Long Center development, has enthusiasm--and a Midas touch" in print (reported by Jeanne Claire van Ryzin). It goes on and on and gets more and more purple. My favorite bit is, "Although Inglis earned his wings as a pilot, he opted to ascend the business ladder, eventually becoming president of corporate conglomerate Gulf & Western and jettisoning the family into a higher socio-economic class [emphasis supplied]." Okay; anybody will concede that this is an informative article, but "jettisoning the family"? Whew!


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