Thursday, January 19, 2006


What passes for the world of listservs here in Austin these days falls pretty much under the sway of Yahoo, since that's where nearly all neighborhood and civic lists ended up after migrating from OneList to eGroups, or however it all happened back in the mists of time. The Y-list front door used to make it evident at once if there were members whose messages were bouncing because only those members receiving messages were counted. Now the number that shows is the entire total of subscribers and it takes at least two clicks to learn whether and how many members are on the "bounce" list. This is annoying and so is the fact that people aren't very intelligent about their anti-spam settings and so is the fact that the Y-world doesn't play well wither other universes. On one of the lists that I administer, one with over 600 subscribers, all of a sudden no Hotmail address is receiving messages. There are few activities quite so tedious as manually and individually sending individual "unbounce" requests to over 100 people. I'm now leaving rant mode for the time being.


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