Saturday, January 12, 2008

Crafty (or should that be artsy?) development

When I first found them, they were ArtSkills. In addition to the foam brushes first written about, I've picked up additional examples of these irresistable items: (1) "Creative Crafts, Great for Craft Projects, Over 300 Pieces"; (2) "Eye Catchers, Add Excitement to Your Posters!, 80 Shapes!"; (3) "Stencil Kit, Letters, Numbers, & Shapes!, Bonus 1: Mini Stencils!; (4) "Quick Letters, Just Peel 'n' Stick!, 300+ pieces, and (5) "Double Ended!, Neon Markers, Jumbo tips!, 8 Bright Neon Colors." There are two versions of the Eye Catchers: one set has a heart shape and one doesn't; one set has holographic surfaces, one doesn't. The more recent a set, the more exclamation points are employed. There are two versions of the ArtSkills logotype: the first is a small white oval with the brand inside it; the second has a much larger "ArtSkills" without an oval and with a paint brush serving as an exclamation point. The third and most recent versions still mention ArtSkills on the back, but the expression is not seen on the front; what's there is "Make A Poster." I haven't had the heart to open and use any of these; they're just too decorative as they are. The ArtSkills site is apparently in the process of being redesigned. I find these items at the supermarket and at the drug store.


At 11:32 AM, April 08, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I too am a BIG fan of the ArtSkills poster and craft supplies. We have their poster decoration and accessories in my nearby CVS store. Did you know ArtSkils has a monthly Poster Design Contest for parents, teachers ad kids? I like their online poster design gallery. Very cool ideas for those of us who are "stuck" and not to creative. Thanks for the post, nice to know there is another fan of this company.


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