Monday, January 14, 2008

Refraining from the obvious puns

My favorite recent one is local: "ham jive." We've been doing the crazy ham jive, too. Apart from what Elmar Prambs produces for the Four Seasons in the way of bacon, ham, sausages, and the like, I haven't seen any ham that tempts since the days when a co-worker used to bring it in from a smokehouse somewhere around Beeville. But now, we can do the crazy hand jive out of ham-jive happiness, because we've found Alderfer's, and entirely by accident. Somebody on the holiday gift list demands Schafer's bologna, and the chubs are available only from Alderfer's, which bought out the old brand but continues to produce the baloney. On impulse, we decided to try a ham. Our trial item was the classic carver. It's beautiful and beautifully trimmed, although not quite so smoky as the Beeville product, with great flavor and texture. There's an extra shipping charge, but the packing is extremely protective and well worth it. We'll do this again. So, thank you, Johnny Otis, and thank you, Alderfer's.


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