Monday, February 18, 2008

Added attractions

Joining all the previously reported flowers (most of which shall go unmentioned here), of which there continue to be more and more, are renewed tomato blossoms from the volunteer in the pot, plus another mystery smallish daffodil, this type with a fluted trumpet that is definitely orange from the beginning, as well as a tiny two-toned yellow cyclamineous flower (but not Jack Snipe or Jetfire), in appearance a beautiful miniature shooting star or comet as such heavenly phenomena were depicted in old engravings. One of the mystery lettuces in pots almost seems to be forming a head; the leaves are handsome, green on one side and a rich purple on the other. Two kinds of potted nasturtiums have begun to bloom again, one is all-over orange, the other is a red-orange with an orange-yellow stripe on each joined petal. Both of these are trailing types. We have our first Geranium narcissus, perhaps where it is courtesy of a squirrel. Alliums in the ground, not just in pots, are opening. Avalanche appears in new places. The scent of the stock is quite pervasive early in the morning, just from two stalks so far. There are more and more blue and white anemones. There seem to be more and more larkspurs germinating in the lawn. Nearly everything we have that's not in a pot is growing in a naturalized way in the grass.


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