Sunday, February 24, 2008

Who's supposed to read this?

The feature on Clive Davis and the look-back to the CBS of a certain era, with quotes for attribution by the few willing to do that, was interesting to me and to scores of others I can think of, but what interest does it hold for the world at large? Just wondering. This isn't all on line, but took a good five print pages in the February 21 issue of Rolling Stone (the one with Britney Spears on the cover). Coming in for mentions are Goddard Lieberson, Harvey Schein (but not Walter Yetnikoff), and Bruce Lundvall (who speaks on the record). A footnote to this entry is that there was an obit for Teo Macero in the NYT this past week, which did mention his work with Miles Davis and Thelonious Monk, among others. Anyhow, Rolling Stone continues distancing itself from current events, becoming more and more something aimed at codgers.


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