Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Lurid package

On the carton, blurry and crude, are depicted a steak with two or three thin onion rings atop it, two skewers of shish-kebab items (meat and two veg), two hot dogs, and an ear of corn partly exposed in its aluminum-foil wrapper. The Flamepro hibachi, "the professionals choice," was imported from China by the Four Star International Trading Company, of Cleveland, Ohio. Assembly required some pounding with a hammer in order to make the holes align. One hole wasn't punched all the way through. One screw had a faulty thread. The "special" price, very boldly announced within one of those jagged-edged exploding outlines, was $9.99. We acquired it for less than that, about a decade ago, from the seasonal aisle at Albertsons, at summer's end. This grill was the reserve outdoor cooker and has waited all this time for its predecessor to rust through completely. Now, there must be a quest to locate a successor hibachi to store for that grilling emergency that will occur when rusting out from all-weather exposure calls the replacement into play.


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