Saturday, August 23, 2008

Right up there with nurdle

I learned a lot of new words this summer, all Spanish, all related to the construction trades, courtesy of a book borrowed from the library. Some of the terms differed from ones heard around here; some differed from words used in the Home Depot and Lowe's ads. Still, a lot was new, and I even learned a few things about the newer aspects of building, things that have developed since the time I was hanging around people who knew stuff when I sas a kid. Most of these relate to wallboard / drywall / gypsumboard / plasterboard / Sheetrock (whatever you want to call it) and taping and floating and the like, with some things about insulation. Over two years ago, I wrote about a term of art that was new to me, from another field, the world of "resin." The word was "nurdles" and there wasn't much up on the Web about it, although now there is. My new word of the day is "parison." I saw it in a Harper's article by the same guy who wrote about the escape of the toy ducks from the shipping container. This piece is just as interesting as that one: Through the open door: Searching for deadly toys in China's Pearl River Delta. The author is Donovan Hohn.


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You are hardworking man.


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