Saturday, April 10, 2010

A floral selection

People are stopping to take photographs of these, people who are not I. Theft out front continues. Remaining anemones there were stolen in one big batch. One poppy plant was uprooted. We still have various sorts of poppy (true, corn, Shirley, Iceland), ranunculus, pink or red bluebonnets, bachelor buttons in every color, delphinium, fennel fronds, four types of blue Dutch iris, two kinds of yellow Dutch iris, a crimson Dutch iris, and several colors of ranunculus. In the side yard are the last iphieon flowers, a couple of Dutch irises, pink oxalis, and the short-stemmed allium plants with green in the middle of the white flowers. In Mack's yard are these: 15 clematis flowers from a one-dollar plant, older and smaller anemones, many kinds of ranunculus, dark blue-red flowers on the mystery rose bush (they are scented, semi-double, open flat, and have strongly golden centers), six different colors of old-fashioned scented sweet peas, poppies, every kind of Dutch iris (including a tall, white one that we've never seen before), the last of the old-fashioned alliums, pink oxalis, fennel fronds, and a few tiny doubled narcissi of some sort. Pollinated flowers are falling from one oaken source. The oak motte is still dropping leaves. Tiny leaves and the first flowers are appearing on the pecan tree, but it is not yet perfuming Mack's yard, deferring to roses and sweet peas. It's not yet too hot for our little volunteer Johnny jump-ups, which sprang up and bloomed in cracks. Potato plants are in bloom. What lettuces have not been consumed by creatures are very pretty right now. Weeds are pesky this year. They include yellow oxalis, horse herb, a little sticky weed (bedstraw), some wild carrots, and the various forms that will turn into burrs if permitted to survive.


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