Sunday, April 25, 2010

Passion flowers!

passion flower
Originally uploaded by odoublegood.
This image is rather impressionistic (meaning "blurry"), since I stood too close to the flower for my toy camera. One passion vine has never produced any flowers at all until today, and at the other location we've seen no flowers for at least three years. We were inspired to buy the seeds one year after seeing a spectacular display outdoors at McPhail's Florist on Barton. In other yarden news, we actually caught a flower thief in the act. That was Friday at suppertime. "But I thought they were wildflowers." "But I needed them to for a birthday." "I didn't think they belonged to anybody." "Nobody else wanted to pick them or they wouldn't be here." "This isn't theft, because they're not worth anything." As is usually the case, some plants were uprooted during the course of the theft, many stems were broken or bent, and some plants were trampled. There was a vehicle waiting a block away. What I retrieved, we took indoors and placed in water, but some of these flowers don't take well to being cut, and we prefer to enjoy them where they bloom.


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