Monday, July 30, 2012

Modern material culture: H-E-B ice-cream cones

We haven't been able to find pointed ice-cream cones for a long time (waffle-style cones, that is; we don't like those sugar cones). Some stores used to carry Joy cones. For a long time, though, we've been buying cups from H-E-B under the Hill Country Fare brand, with the container printed in English on one side and in Spanish ("barquillos") on the other. These, however, are no longer to be found in our closest H-E-B. The cones found most recently are branded "Creamy Creations" to match the ice cream brand. We see the same image of the vanilla cone but the chocolate one is gone. One side of the new carton is given to something other than an all-Spanish version of the front. In some stores, the old version was shelved with the Spanish side facing out. At any rate, the lists of ingredients and the table of nutrition information appear to be exactly the same for the Creamy Creations cones as they were for Hill Country Fare cones. A click on an image will result in the download of a larger version, in which all the text on the package may be read.