Monday, April 01, 2013

Because the toy camera is sort of working

 The camera's not responsible for the color of these ranunculus and nasturtium flowers. That's really the way that they look.

For sweet peas, there were better pictures last year. Oak pollen is beginning to fall. Pecan buds continue to swell. There are six saucer-sized clematis flowers now.

We still enjoy every color of Dutch iris seen so far, now with both all-yellow and yellow-and-white predominating, but with several shades of blue and a very pale mauve variety.

The white Dutch irises are beginning to go now. We have a larger tulipa tarda.

We were very happy to see a pink evening primrose blooming. They used to be there in profusion but are very scant these days. There are buds on the second, smaller type of ornamental garlic (allium), but no flowers have yet opened.

The armadillo remains in intermittent noctural residence. We even saw him or her lolloping along across the yard, under a fence, and into another yard one morning this weekend at 9:30 am or so.

Bush beans have germinated and are handsome in their large pots, whether or not they ever produce anything edible for the table.

There was one deep-pink morning-glory flower yesterday. We imagine that the most advanced hollyhock is growing taller and forming buds.

A giant pumpkin flower flaunts itself stop a corner of the compost pile, a souvenir of Hallowe'en.


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