Friday, January 16, 2004

Crackers of yesteryear

We were talking about infrequently seen or perhaps defunct crackers. The household in which I grew up was not much of a cracker household. There were baking-powder biscuits, cheese straws, and sometimes oyster crackers to go with soup, after we kids first ate them out at the Corners. CCH very occasionally would bake home-made crackers (see original Boston Cooking School Cookbook / Fannie Farmer) in the wood oven. There were Nabisco tins on legs at any corner or country store. The tins had windows. Crackers or cookies could be bought individually from these. They were stacked in tiers of two or three, right at a good height for attracting the attention of kids. Very often the storekeeper would offer a free treat. Crackers that we did eat at one place or another in addition to oyster crackers were Uneeda Biscuits, Royal Lunch Milk Crackers, Crown Pilot biscuits (I like this fan page), and Euphrates wafers. These days Stoned Wheat Thins and Carrs Table Water Biscuits have Canadian memories attached and are ve'ry anti-carsickness. Some of the older people were very addicted to Triscuits; I still like animal crackers more than I should. They taste good only when eaten from the little box with the string handle.


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