Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Parody, junior division, with malt

A musical item like this is not a jump-rope rhyme, not a camp song, and not really a jingle (although sometimes it's a variant of one, as this is). It belongs to kids and never leaves the brain once in it. An example is the Bosco song:

I hate Bosco
It's full of TNT
Mommie puts it in my milk
To try to poison me

But I fooled Mommie
I put it in her cup
Then I told her
"Mommie, you'd better drink it up."

Yes, I fooled Mommie
I put it in her tea
Now there's no more Mommie
To try to poison me.

The real song begain with "I love Bosco." In our house, the syrup was Hershey's, for topping ice cream. But hot fudge sauce was made quite frequently from scratch. Bosco is malty and more like Nestle Quik than like any Hershey product. For some reason, malt-flavored this and that went into those horrid mixtures of raw milk, beaten raw eggs, and blackstrap molasses that were supposed to fatten people up. Did Horlick's have a rival? I think so, but can't remember what it was called. It must be Ovaltine.


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