Saturday, January 05, 2008

"On behalf of himself and others similarly situated"

I think that this is language used in bringing class-action suits. At any rate, I don't wage consumer or citizen battle just for myself. I always think that, if something happened to me that wasn't consonant with good business practice or fairness to buyers or to citizens of a governmental jurisdiction or the like, it has probably happened to other people, also. Even if I don't care all that much in a particular instance or even if no great monetary or other damage was suffered by me personally, I feel outragei and want to keep whatever it is from happening to me again or to someone less articulate and willing or able to do battle. Looking back on the year now concluded, I can remember several instances where apologies were issued or wrongs were made right or even compensation was conveyed. Worth the effort? I'm not so sure. It's my intention not to devote so much effort to such issues in 2008. It's a matter of time and prorities. Nevertheless, I'm not ruling anything out!


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